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GO Law's litigation attorneys have significant experience drafting appellate briefs, managing the appellate process, and arguing in front of various appellate courts.  While many appeals stem from trials handled by GO Law attorneys, we are also equipped to handle the appellate process in cases where GO Law did not handle the underlying trial.  Our attorneys have frequently assisted other law firms with the appellate process.  

At GO Law, we are equipped to handle various appeals, including but not limited to appeals involving:

  • breach of contract 

  • construction law

  • insurance coverage

  • general business

  • trade secrets or proprietary business property

  • employment law

  • real estate/land

  • telecommunications 

  • franchises/dealerships

  • homeowners' associations

  • fraud

GO Law's attorneys have argued successfully before the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Iowa Supreme Court, the Iowa Court of Appeals, and the Nebraska Supreme Court.  They have also prepared briefs submitted to the United States Supreme Court.  Our attorneys are also licensed to handle appeals in other jurisdictions as well.

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